Occupied Home Staging

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Selling your house before moving out? ​Occupied staging is the best solution!

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You might think that since you are living inside the house you are looking to sell, you cannot employ the services of home stagers. Quite the contrary! If anything, you need our services more than one whose home is vacant. Here is why:

  • Your space is full of your personal things. This makes it impossible for any potential buyer to see themselves living in it when they come to see the house
  • It can be hard to present your house in the best light when you do not know it yourself. A trained eye will be able to establish this easily
  • You already love the colors in your house and are thus oblivious to what may appeal to the general eye of a potential buyer
  • You are still attached to your house and may subconsciously sabotage any sale prior to fruition

Our Home Staging and redesign staging Las Vegas services include review, design and help with the sale. We are therefore able to advise on how best to present your house in its best light, which rooms to stage and even the colors and designs to be used for the staging. We take into account such factors as the design of the house and the type of architecture, the location of the house and even the current trends that can be used to get your house staged to sell at the best price.

Try our occupied staging services today. We assure you of nothing but the absolute best!