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Selling your home can be quite hard. The process carries so much with it for you; the emotions, the stress of preparing the house for sale, the distress of letting it go, the expenses that you discover you will need to incur then finding the right people to do the repairs and do them right. It can be quite overwhelming. This is why home staging Las Vegas steps in.

At Home Staging Las Vegas, we understand just how much of a task this can be. So, in order to ease it off your shoulders, we offer you Las Vegas home staging services that leave you to simply sit and approve plans. We come in with a team of trained and seasoned professionals whose entire goal is to ensure that your house is presented in its best light.

The first and most important step of selling your home is, indeed, staging it to appeal to the general home buyer. As such, our mission is come up with intuitive solutions home staging to make sure that any and every buyer who looks at it will want to picture themselves living in it. We therefore first of all clear out anything that seems to be too personal; anything that makes it feel like the former owner is still living there. This can include family portraits, trophies, and personalized rugs and so on.

Once this is cleared out, we then work to find the perfect way of presenting your house. This then means that we evaluate the entire house from corner to corner, angle to angle, taking in such details as the type of flooring, the ceiling height, the lighting both natural and artificial and so on. This goes a long way in determining the kind of design, the colors adopted as well as the furniture to be used. ​

In order to appeal to the general taste, we go with warm neutral colors. These include shades of beige, light browns, shades of gray and whites. These make it easier for the buyer to picture their own colors on the walls and furniture. It also makes it easy to find easy designs that are subtle but classy.

When we say we offer home staging Las Vegas, it does not refer to one general type of staging. We recognize the fact that different clients have different needs. This is why we have categorized our services into three categories:

  • Vacant home staging which defines staging a home that is completely empty, whether from the owner moving out or from the fact that it is a newly built house
  • Occupied home staging which befits a situation where the owner is still living in the house to be staged to sell
  • Redesign home staging which is applicable where the owner wants their house redesigned to make it easier to sell.
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At our company, you are our first priority. Contact us today and see the difference a simple home staging endeavor can make to how well and fast your house sells.